Traditional Wedding Does Not Mean Marriage, until The Church or Court Wedding have Been Done

There are various processes, and joining that go on, before one can say they are a married person; these are court wedding, traditional wedding, and church wedding.

Some times, couples opt for only one of these joining, which is usually always the court wedding. Other couples go for all three.. Eventually, it is whatever rocks their boat, they will go for.

Nonetheless, amongst all these weddings, the traditional wedding is sometimes, seen as insignificant, and not exactly binding. It is known that court weddings are legally binding, church weddings are the most solid kind of weddings, because It is a blessing of the marriage by a Minister of God, and God himself. But how about the traditional marriage, you may ask.

Well, since it involves a lot of cultural proceedings, and traditional rites, some folk think it is not complete, until the more strong bindings have been done.

Traditional wedding is one that focuses on the Marriage blessings from the couples’ parents.

One can opt for just the court wedding and chose not to do the traditional one, and live happily ever after. However, most couples do not do just the traditional marriage and leave it ope. one other kind of marriage has to be added, be it church, or court.

This ideology is not one that cannot be refuted, or corrected. So..what do you think?

Would you say traditional weddings are just as good and strong as court and church weddings?


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