Trendy Aso-Oke Design! Check this VANESSA Aso-Oke Bridal Outfit

Vandora glows in Hausa Bride Inspirational Outfit called “VANESSA” – this is a bridal piece made of Aso-Oke termed #isaleapotiseries collection.

The stripy fuschia pink is embellished with champagne gold removable over-lay skirt which makes it look trendy and classic for the modern brides. 

Want to make your Aso-Oke look unique and different from the regular, then be inspired by this vintage vibes VANNESA Aso-Oke style.


The Glam Team

Make up and portrait pictures: @tariesbeautylounge
Aso-oke Dress: @ceomaniaalasooke
Tailored: @january8th_style
Beads: @toshjewelers
Photography: @raremagic_gallery (full shot)
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