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Engagement Ring Trends! What is Your Engagement Ring Saying About You?

by Beatrice Inim

While some may see the wedding ring as mere ‘by-products of minerals’, others have a strong significance for what the ring symbolises.

It is universally known that a wedding ring or band, is used to seal the process of a wedding; from the vows to the proclamtions- a ring binds all promises made, and vows decreed. It also gives a physical symbolism of ‘being married’, that is, putting on a wedding ring suggests that the wearer of the ring is married.

To various couples, the ring could mean different things to them. Apart from it being a showing that they are married, it could also carry other sentimental connotations like unity, love, commitment, and fidelity, amongst many others.

Knowing your husband has his ring on at all times, is actually a big deal, as more often than not, it is found that men do not wear their rings (they out rightly forget to place it on when leaving the house), but often times, women do not forget. Consequently, every woman wants to see her husband’s wedding ring on his finger, at all times; this gives her a sense of belonging, and she realizes even more, that he is committed to having it on for the rest of his life.Ultimately, extra effort, from both parties, must be put in, to uphold the entire essence of having a wedding ring in the first instance.

The band could also be a reminder, or source of joy. Just looking at your finger, and seeing that ring sitting beautifully, could over, and over, reaffirm why you are with your spouse, in the first instance. I mean, you could just steal a glimpse at your ring, unconsciously, and sheepishly smile to yourself in contentment, and happiness that you chose him or her to go on life’s journey with.

Just as a wedding band shows commitment, unity and love, it could be changed into newer ones, from time to time, say decade to decade, to show the refreshed bond of love, as it was designed to signify. In some cases, a Bible, or Quran is used as the sealing bond between the couple; in such an instance, the holy books could also be renewed, re-blessed, and signed.

Ultimately, the wedding ring’s essence should depict everything both man and wife feel for each other, and serve as a reminder, and assurance that happiness, and true love lives between them.

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