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It’s True Love!! Zainab and Muhammed’s Pre-wedding Photos

by WDN


When two friends fall in love, their union is certainly unbreakable so it is for this beautiful couple. Zainab and Muhammed are set to seal their friendship in marriage; they are so excited as they can’t wait to be together. Here are beautifully captured pre-wedding photos of these two gorgeous lovebirds.











pre wedding Ilorin-2JPGJPG



pre wedding Ilorin-5JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-15JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-10JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-6JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-20JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-25JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-27JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-24JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-26JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-29JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-47JPGJPG

pre wedding Ilorin-46JPGJPG

Photography by @klalaphotography

Background music- Lionel Richie – Stuck on You

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