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Two Hearts That Beat As One: Yemi and Wilson‘ s African Inspired Engagement Session

by WDN


Love is not something you go out and look for. Love finds you, and when it does, ready or not, it will be the best thing to ever happen to you. The lovely couple, Yemi and Wilson did not look for love, LOVE found them. We are happy to share their lovely story and pre-wedding photo shoot beautifully captured by Soji Oni Photography.


How they Met ( By Wilson)
That great Monday morning in August, 2012, I didn’t know what fate had in store for me, I got to the office and began my day at work with a plate of rice and chicken, while eating my colleague signalled to me that a client was coming in, I adjusted only to get carried away by her charm that is ordinarily extra as she walked in I stared, then she made a joke about my food, I laughed we exchanged pleasantries and all, I made sure I convinced her to come for the next lecture which she reluctantly agreed to.
On the 1st Saturday in September 2012, as I prepared clients for the lecture of the day I kept thinking about her, was really anticipating her coming that I became downcast when I didn’t see her after attending to so many clients, only for me to look up to yet another client and there she was staring at me with her gorgeous set of eyes, I was so glad to see her, I smiled and asked if I could give her a call, she said okay.
After several calls and dates we began this journey.



How they met ( By Yemi)
Just when I thought I was okay all by myself, I met Wilson…what got my attention was the relentless effort with which he got to me despite my high boundaries, with him now I know that two is better than one in praying, in working towards your dreams and aspiration and in achieving set goals!
When I met Wilson in his office that Monday morning in August, 2012, I was surprised to see him eating that early in his office so I made a joke about it. Some days later when I went back for a class in his office and he asked if he could call me I said “Yes” and thought within me that I would frustrate his calls as is my usual practice with guys I don’t want to speak with…but his persistence got to me, also I realized that my dreams and ambitions were in conformity with his, so I prayed about it and got the peace to go ahead. With him I have realized that two is indeed better than one.















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