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Valentines Day Shenanigans; The True Essence The Misconceptions and The Beauty of it All

by Beatrice Inim

Valentines Day is come, and gone and while some people enjoyed theirs, and others did not, it was a day recognized by everyone globally.

Now, what is the true essence of Valentines, or Val’s day, as it is commonly known. The true essence of Valentine’s day, is to show love specially, to special people in our lives; be it our lover, siblings, spouse,parents, friends, or neighbors. And guess what? Valentine’s day is also a day to specially show love to…wait for it….



We do not necessarily only have to show love to only people we know, on valentines day, but we can also go out of our ways to do something nice for strangers. For instance, a makeup artist can get on the streets, maybe to the market, and gift three or five market women a makeover. This would brighten their day, and make them feel special. Besides, they deserve to be pampered, seeing that they work so hard everyday, to provide for their families. Also, an individual can provide food for the homeless kids on the streets. This is a simple, but very significant act of love and kindness that can be done on val’s day.

Ultimately, The true essence of Val’s day, is showing love and kindness to people around you.


Two major misconceptions i would like to point out are ; Val’s day is a day specially set aside for lovers to make love. Second misconception is Val’s day is the only day in the entire year, when love should be shown to people, or when lovers should make their partners feel special.

On days leading up to valentines, memes drop on social media, and it is found in group discourse, that some persons should be getting ready to give birth in November, because they are most likely to conceive in February, being lovers’ month. Jokes are passed around, about how lovers who are not married, need to be more careful, and use a condom, so they do not get pregnant on valentine’s day. This begs the question “Do they not make love to each other on every other day of the year…Why do they have to be extra careful, when it come’s to Valentines sex?” This is a misconception that has interestingly enough, become a very popular one.

Then, there is the notion that people in relationships are made, by their partners, to feel special, only on valentines day. This is also an absolute misconception. As much as as mentioned earlier, valentines day is a day specially set aside for making people feel special, and loved, showing this love and kindness does not compulsorily only have to happen on val’s day. As a matter of fact, acts of kindness and love should  be carried out every single day of our lives.

The beauty of valentines day is so immense. The out pour of gifts, to and from your partner, the feeling of fulfillment you feel when you show love to strangers, and the feeling of extreme joy and relaxation, peace of mind, about the happenings on this very special day.

Valentines Day sure is a beautiful Day….

Hope You had a fantastic one!

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