Want to learn about some wedding traditions from time immemorial, then grab a pen and notepad, because this is quite interesting

Something Old! Something New! Something Blue! Something Borrowed!!!

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book, which may come across as a superstition, but still works.

We all know that weddings are for a single day, but the actual marriage that comes after, is forever. All the shenanigans, and excitement that comes with having a wedding becomes extinct almost immediately after the couple, and guests disperse. The marriage then kicks off immediately, but trust that it is not a mere walk in the park.

There are various tactics gotten from advice showered on the couple from friends, relatives, especially from close family members. These tactics are intended to guide the couple, throughout their marriage, making it a hitch-free and blissful one; the ‘something old, something new, something blue, something borrowed’ tradition stands out amongst all other techniques for ensuring a wonderful marital journey. Interestingly, these ‘somethings’ being talked about, are items the couple, either the bride, or groom, or both of them, should have in their possession, on that day. Yup! they have to wear, or carry with them, something old, new, blue, and quite funny, but, yes! something borrowed as well.

The couple should carry with them, something they have had for the longest time; it could be an old hankerchief, maybe an old tie for the groom, or a lovely bracelet the beautiful bride has perhaps, had since high school. Using something old signifies continuity. This means that whatever that old item signifies for the couple, will continue in their marriage, be it success, good health, or just sheer joy and happiness; when this item is worn, such attributes will never cease from their marriage.

Of course every bride and groom wears something new for the wedding, especially the groom’s dapper tuxedo, and the bride’s glamorous dress. This ‘something new’ part of the tactic is inevitable. Wearing something new, as the word implies, signifies newness in the couple’s lives, and the marriage, generally. It also depicts, fruitfulness, and a good, new and bright future for the marriage. Asides from new outifits, the couple could also use new never-before-worn underwear. Oh yes you read right. New underwear would work just fine, and they can also throw in a new fragrance, that is, for their perfumes, or new wrist watches. Anything new, basically , would be perfect!

Something blue; this is referring to the literal colour blue. The couple should work at infusing a blue colour in their outfits, or whatever they carry along to the alter. The bride could wear blue earrings, or have her nails polished a pale sky blue colour. The groom could also wear a navy blue suit, or blue socks. Oh!! the bride’s garter could be blue as well. Yous ee? lol!!! The colour  blue, in this circumstance, signifies purity, love, and fidelity. Consequently, the couple will forever live in love, and peace, and there is likely to not be any forms of infidelity or impurity.

Finally, the ‘something borrowed’ comes in. This should not be difficult, especially if the borrowing is going to be done from family memebers, or friends. The bride can borrow her Mom’s purse, the groom, on the other hand, can borrow his best friends car for the wedding. Wierd, right? But try and see the magic it brings. Using something borrowed signifies borrowed happiness , meaning whatever sort of joy the borrower enjoys, can be passed on to the borowee, which are the couple.

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