Want to Look Chic and Classy? This Formal Bun Natural Hair Updo by Naturallytemi will Set You in the Right Mood

Natural hair updos can be super classy depending on the way you style your hair!

Today, we are excited as always to bring you this elegant natural hair updo – twist and bun by Naturally Temi. This is a go-to natural hairstyle, quick to achieve, and super funky. Just give it any unique name, and you just personalized it in your own way and style. With a little sass thrown on top as a bun,  this will give you less hassle, and of course, you can rock it to a wedding or any other occasion. It is truly amazing how many different styles and designs you can create from simple braiding techniques. Twists are a great way of livening a bun and NatuallyTemi shows us how to effortlessly achieve this look.  If you’ve been rocking the low pony, add the twist factor to instantly make the look much more feminine daytime chic.

Watch and enjoy how she creates this easy to-go style natural updo in the video below!

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