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Wash Your Boxers and Go Clean Up ………(covers nose)

by Mo Aremu

Hmm Men, men, men.. How many times did I call you!
Take off that dirty pair of boxers right now and go clean up……


We talked about the ladies last week and today is your turn, so if you were busy making comments let’s see if you are guilty as charged.
It is good to be as clean as your woman. We all know that sex is important in marriage and in as much as you love your wife to be clean, you also need to be clean. Some men like their women to get down on them (wink wink you know what I mean), but they forget that their dirty boxers could put off the woman. While some women pretend that it is nothing some actually hate it and chose not to take part in the act.
Ways to clean up:
1. Make sure when you pee, the last drop comes out, that is why you must make sure not to pee by the road side because you will be in a hurry to tuck it in. (The Muslim religion actually allows men clean up after going to the bathroom,that’s good hygiene and shows you religion also supports good hygiene).
2. When you do the ‘#2’ make sure you wash up and try to clean with water, after cleaning with water dry up with toilet paper. This might sound like too much work but really it helps you sex life and your personal hygiene.
3. Do not sleep around because when you do you will not be confident enough to clean up after sex with the other woman, then you tuck it in, go home and expect your wife to feast on left over (yuk)
Good hygiene is not only meant for women, so Boys, Guys, Men or however you like to be addressed, clean up. Do not allow people take men as dirty individuals, You can do it!

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1 comment

Dunni November 10, 2013 - 6:53 am

Good hygiene for guys. People have male friends you know. Not everyone sleeps around.


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