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WDN Style Spiration: Taking a Daring and Insightful Walk With The Stylish Kuyet Abami

by Atai Akpan

We always seek to appreciate as well as give trend setters in the fashion industry a platform to let us know more about them.

Today we are pleased to take a walk with a young man named Kuyet Bamai who happens to be making his footprint in the history of fashion in his own way.


First of all, tell  us a bit about yourself

Hey, My name is Kuyet Bamai.  I’m an award winning fashion and lifestyle blogger,  creator and social media strategist. My blog is kuyetbamai.com. I started the blog in October 2015 and it’s been an interesting journey since then. I’m currently based in Abuja where I’m  doing my youth service too.


Why do you love fashion?

Okay so I’ll try not to sound so vain (lol). I’m not so much of a fashion person so I wouldn’t call myself a fashion lover, but of course I love to look good and be around people that look good as well.  I like the fact that” sometimes fashion speaks louder than even our voices”


 What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is a language that everyone understands, somehow people are just able to relate and vibe to it in their own different ways which makes it even bigger than just wearing beautiful clothes.

 How did you start your style blog and where did the name come from?

Wow! Do you have like 5 hours so we can talk about it? (Haha) So I started my blog while I was in my 3rd year in the university and It was just a few days before my final exams for the semester, when I told my friends “hey I’m starting my own blog” and that was it. I really didn’t even brainstorm any names because  I felt I had a pretty cool name  or what do you say?(winks). So I just went with my name KUYETBAMAI and it’s been the same since then.

 What were your influences?

My influences were majorly the things and people around me, especially the bloggers and influencers, I used to stalk on Instagram at the time.

 How would you describe your style?

My style is very minimal, sometimes vintage, classy and very comfortable.

What is this season’s trend that fits your style the best?

Sweaters and anything cashmere. I also recently discovered how classy turtlenecks can be weather styled casually or dressy so yeah I’m all for these two this season.

What are the trends you wouldn’t embrace?

Oh goodness, I hate the nose piercings  I just feel men need to stop it, though some people do it right but it just doesn’t work for me at all!!


If you were to choose an outfit for a red carpet event, what would it look like, and what designer would you think of?

Hmmm!!! It depends on the theme of the red carpet event, I most likely will wear a white shirt, nice tie and probably throw on a blazer/ jacket or a hat. If Maiatafo will be willing to let me wear any of his samples, then I’m good.

What are your fashion pet peeves?

There’s just two of them, the low waist trend and the nose piercings.

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Leema January 16, 2018 - 10:12 pm

Kuyet with the sauce !!!!


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