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WDN Style Spiration; A Walk Into The Daring World Of The Style Connaisseur!

by Atai Akpan

We always seek to appreciate and give trendsetters in the fashion industry, a platform to let us into their world as well as showcase their fabulous looks.

Today, we present a style influencer, who has been seen to have a made a huge fashion statement in the industry with her bold and fierce styles. Daring to be different in every way!

Meet Angel Obasi, popularly known as the ‘Style Connaisseur’, who has a strong flair for fashion even though she works in real estate.


Why do you love fashion?

I love fashion because it is what gets me going. Fashion is interesting, captivating and with the right set of people, it is a conversation starter.


What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion to me is just the popular trends. The ‘new new’ in pop culture, on the other hand, style is a way of life and the distinctive style  way you wear these trends.


  How did you come about your name?

So before I started documenting, I wanted a name that is befitting of my style, a name that best describes me and a name I can grow into.

I was flipping through a magazine one time and it was a ‘Vlisco’ ad that got me. It simply said “Connoisseur of Style” describing the pieces and what ‘Vlisco’ represents and I got stuck for some few minutes and then I thought. This is me. I would definitely grow into this name and that was how I changed my Instagram handle. Every day, I make a conscious effort to live up to that name. It is quite a statement you make when you tell people you are a connoisseur of style. The trick is to have them convinced it is true, but more on you convincing yourself first because if you don’t sell yourself properly to yourself, you can’t sell it to anyone else.


How did you start your blog?

I started documenting my style through pictures, because of the passion I had to create and curate quality content. I wanted to lend my voice to the fashion industry and see how I can make a difference basically with style. I knew I would have to do a lot to prove myself and that is what gets me going every morning, knowing I am one step closer to my goal.


What were your influences?

 To be honest, sophistication really influences me. I just genuinely loved everything from the 1950s, all things bold and elegant.


How would you describe your style?

Oh! that’s simple. Bold, sophisticated, chic, risqué and uncommon.


What is this season’s trend that fits your style the best?

Coats! I am a lover of coats. I feel it gives an extra to simplicity, which is what I run away from always.


What are the trends you wouldn’t embrace?

I pride myself in being different even if it means I stand alone. So basically anything that everyone is involved in or trying out is a ‘no no’ for me.


If you were to choose an outfit for a red carpet event, what would it look like, and what designer would you think of?

It would be Bella Hadid in Ralph and Russo for this year’s AmFar only I would love it to be Zuhair Murad.


What are your fashion pet peeves?

Must be men wearing socks with loafers. Makes me cringe.









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