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Where Should The Wedding Ceremony Take Place; The Bride’s Church or The Groom’s Church

by Beatrice Inim

Couples getting married establish in their minds that you are going to have all the weddings expected to be had, before a marriage begins. These weddings are such as court wedding, the traditional wedding, and the church wedding (speaking in regard to the Christian Folk).

Now, while some people opt to do just one or two, others go for all the three weddings but for this post we would be talking about the church wedding.

Whose church actually should be wedding take place at? Should it be the Groom’s or the Bride’s.

Now, for a very long time, it has been the norm, that weddings are done in the lady’s church..I mean i was only thirteen when my Aunty was going to get married, and her husband wanted the wedding to be at his church, but the Bride’s Dad,  my Grandfather (God rest his soul) ,was having none of that.

He matter of factly said his daughter had to get married in his church (He was a staunch Methodist), so automatically, all his kids attended the same church he attended. I never really knew why my Aunty’s husband wanted the wedding to be at his own church, but he really did not have any say in that decision, as Grandpa had already made up his mind. From that moment, even though i did not ask any questions, it stayed in my mind that ” Oh The lady has to be married at her own church? Wow!”

Subsequently, as time went on, i started to experience more weddings that were held at the Bride’s church, then i was convinced that was the norm. But this norm kind of shifted a little bit in my mind, only recently, when my sister got married..but in her Husband’s church. It was so important the wedding was done at his church, so much so that the entire family and friends had to travel to a  different state, where the church was at, for the wedding ceremony.

Then i remembered my 13 year old self,and my Grandfather’s voice and i thought “Oh it isn’t always the case that the wedding be done in the Bride’s Church?”..

HMMM….. Interesting!

I guess the wedding can be done in any church both families agree it be done in.

So long as at the end of it all, a wife, and a husband, are produced..lol!

What do you think? Who owns the wedding ceremony. The Bride’s church or the Groom’s church??

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