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Wedding Destination Spotlight; We Found Paradise On Earth at Los Cabos, Mexico,

by Atai Akpan

Once upon a time, I began my forever with my prince charming, on an island.

An island where the deserts meet the sea and the still waters reflects who we are.

Immersed with the nature beauties, our souls found the calmness it deserved. The breathtaking mountains depicted how high our love for each other was. The culture diversity showed us how different we could be, but still merged as one.

Our love grew as high as the extraordinary reefs were in this paradise, and in this paradise, forever was too short for us not to explore. For the desert depicted the heat our blazing love for each other bore. The crystal blue sea showed the transparency that lay between us. The languages of the people were rhythms to our love beat, now tell me why we should ever leave?

 Where could this be? You may ask. Where else, but Los Cabos in Mexico.

Yes! Right in Mexico, we found the beautiful island which showed us that forever lies within us. Right in Los Cabos, we began our journey of love, not as two, but as one entity.

You may ask, what makes this island so special?

What makes it different from the others?

Let me take you on a trolley of thoughts; imagine a place where all you see is yourself in the best of itself, a place where you and your partner becomes lost in your own world. Imagine an island which was specially crafted for the magic of love itself to be rebirth again and again through time.

History has it, that the island of Los Cabos, is a magic land filled with un-parallel natural beauty. Although, it is known as the ‘last end’, I say it’s the perfect beginning to your forever with him or her.

I say seal it in the Los Cabos!


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