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Wedding Guests’ Guidelines: Tips on How to be the Perfect Wedding Guest this Season

by WDN

Everyone finds weddings interesting and look forward to it. They have the chance to eat, mingle with new and old friends and also to celebrate the love of two people who want to spend a lifetime together.

There’s more to attending a wedding than getting dressed, eating, shedding a tear and partying all night. So depending on whom you’re coming for always know as a wedding guest you are a representation of either the bride or groom.

Here is a low-down on how to be a wedding guest.

  • RSVP

Make sure you let the couple know that you’ll be attending the wedding, and if you would not don’t just throw away the card or ignore the invitation, it helps the couple for easy planning. Remember your big day would come and the law of karma still works.

  • Showing up late

Nigerians and following African time if the wedding is 5pm trust us to be there by 6:30pm. Try not to show up late for a wedding especially the church weddings.

  • Gift

Weddings are not about just about the Asoebi, the food, and who wore what and when, it is wrong, I mean totally wrong for you to attend a wedding without a gift how would you like if that’s your wedding and half the guests only came just for the food?

  • Don’t try to outshine the bride

Ladies this is for you. A wedding for every lady is the most important day of her life please don’t try and outshine her with your hair shoes and makeup. When it’s your turn do all that. Thank you.

  • Bringing a plus one

If I hadn’t read this somewhere I wouldn’t know that it is wrong to bring along someone to wedding receptions without the permission of the bride or groom. But when we hear weddings in Nigeria we carry along our entire squad.

  • White!

Common really, why would you want to wear white to a wedding that isn’t yours? Please let the bride sparkle in hers it’s her day.

  • Drunk?

We know how guys are they would want to be in that zone before the wedding so that they could ginger their friend the groom. It is a big no to be drunk, try and tame that party animal in you.

  • Bouquet

Ladies it is not a do or die affair when it comes to catching the bouquet. There is this superstition that if you catch the bouquet you will be next in line to get married, please get your head out of the clouds. So avoid getting very competitive when it comes to catching the bouquet.

  • Try and participate

Don’t just glue yourself to your seat, try and enjoy the party and participate. If it’s time to dance, dance, if it’s time to clap, clap, and help make the wedding a success.

  • Wearing the same dress/ color as the bridesmaid

It is quite awkward showing up at the wedding looking like one of the bridesmaids.

  • Don’t compare and contrast

How a couple plans their wedding is up to them and it is according to their pocket don’t openly compare and contrast their wedding with another

  • Don’t distract

I’m sorry to say this but Yoruba people can do this a lot, they would start their own event on their own table, taking the attention from the couple to them and that is wrong.

  • Taking more than one party extra

Fine it is nice to have souvenirs when you go to parties but be considerate for others ensure that it has gone round, not that you take for yourself and all the members of your household.

  • Interacting and dressing

Ladies I know we single ladies most times go for weddings to meet our MR. RIGHT but that doesn’t mean we should openly flirt and come to the wedding looking like a woman of easy virtue.

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