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Wedding Invitation Graphic Design, Everything You Need To Know About Your Wedding Invites by Ibiyemi Boboye of The White Card Company #WDNGramTakeover

by WDN

Today, we are super excited as we would be featuring stationery designer, Ibiyemi Boboye, the CEO of The White Card Company for our #WDNGramTakeover!

Wedding stationery seems pretty straightforward but between save-the-dates, wedding announcements, paper choices and printing styles, it can get complicated. Ibiyemi has taken her time to explain to us what it takes to get the perfect wedding stationery for the wedding of our dreams. From the theme to style and DIY options, she has us sorted.


Dos and Donts

Do Not Scrimp

Your wedding invites are the most important – and often overlooked – part of the wedding planning. They set the tone, and create a sense of anticipation and excitement in the lead up to your wedding day. I always advise couples not to scrimp on their one and only chance for a glimpse into their special day. As a designer, I very much celebrate the fact that everyone is uniquely different and each couple has priorities of what they would rather splurge or save on. Often times, I have seen glamorous weddings use distasteful stationery and this has a knock-on effect on how your guests and family will feel about and prepare for your big day.

If as a couple you have decided to save on stationery, then I cannot overemphasize that you hire a reputable stationery company that will come up with a design within your budget. If you didn’t know, most custom stationery studios have cheaper, more affordable alternatives that are carefully designed and finished to a high standard of quality, just like their more luxurious custom range. The best part is that they can tie in all of your wedding stationery to give a coordinated look, creating a memorable day for your guests.

Find Your Style

In these times where almost every couple wants for people and social media to acknowledge that theirs was the best wedding ever, it is important not to get carried away but to stay true to your individual style. While trends can be useful in identifying new ways to improve on an old design, I would advise the engaged couple to first agree on what style best reflects their personalities and the theme of their wedding. I have to say that settling down on one particular style can be quite challenging and I always take time to listen to the couple, understand their journey and find ways to pinpoint on a particular style. For example, laser cut invitations have been quite popular lately and I have had a couple of brides say to me…. “IB, I’ll have anything but a laser cut design please”. I truly respect such ingenuity and will work very closely with the couple to personalize any such wedding trends, resulting in beautiful bespoke wedding stationery.

Do it Yourself

Your wedding is a very special occasion and I always encourage couples to find ways in which they can put their own stamp during preparations and on the big day. You don’t have to outsource every single bit of your wedding. There are a myriad ways of easy, fun and budget-friendly DIYs you can take on yours, if; from wedding centrepieces to party favours to stationery. DIY projects doesn’t mean shoddy or lacking quality, in fact it opens up new exciting design possibilities and the best part is, you don’t have to be a craft connoisseur to do this. A number of brides with their bridal party, have attended informal calligraphy classes I organised so they can DIY their wedding stationery. This ends up being such a success as not only can you save money but it also gives the bride and her mates another chance to spend precious time together – in preparation for her rite of passage – creating memories and further cementing friendships.


For all your Wedding Stationery inquires, you can contact The White Card Company via

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