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Who is the Wedding For? The Lovey Dovey Couple or the Couple’s Parents

by Beatrice Inim

As much as we all dream of a fantastic wedding day, and want everything to materialize according
to terms, family and friends may agree otherwise.
Hence the question; “Who should the wedding be centered around?”
This may sound like a rhetorical question, or one that should never have been asked in the first place, but it in fact,
is very important.
More often than not, we hear Parents of the Bride, and Groom, especially the Mothers, saying that the wedding is theirs, and
not their child’s.
I remember overhearing my Mom tell my Dad (after they got off the phone with my Big Sis, a.k.a Bride to be)
“Leave your daughter..If she likes, let her invite only ten persons, as for us, the compound must be full…
Ehen we have to get chairs and canopies for the street as well.”

Laying on the couch, and still hearing them from their room, right across the lobby, i said to myself
“But ahnhan should it not be She that decides how she wants her thing?”
This aspect of who the wedding should be planned around, is actually a dicey one, and the planner, or couple to be will
have to tread carefully, so as to not offend their parents, or any other person that may have a say, in putting together
little intricacies of the wedding.

Coming to a compromise, or genuinely letting the couple fully have their way, will have to be the way to go eventually.
Ultimately, the Couple must be given high consideration, when decisions are being made, because, i mean, it is their day,
afterall! Everything that comes with that day, should strife to make it a memorable one for the newlyweds, as it is
those memories they would then look back on, and cherish for the rest of their lives.

And Oh..me overhearing my parents did not end there oh! I dragged the issue back onto the table when my Mom was driving us to lunch a few days after that..

This is me going “Mummy me i will do my own wedding as i like o. If want it on the beach, an outdoor wedding,
or have only a select few friends, i..”

“That one is your business”, she cut me short. “Beach wedding..do it na..me i will sha not come”
I laughed..in my head, i knew she already envisioned all the ‘ mammy waters’ coming out when the joining is going on.
Yup she can be superstitious like that (Sorry mummy, for throwing you under the bus)..

Eventually i made her see reason how a common ground can be met, and how each party,both parents and couple, can have their way, without conflicts, or hiccups.

Compromise actually makes everything better.

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