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Wedding Shenanigans+Couples’ Love Story; Emi and Charles are sooo in Love..They couldn’t have wished for better partners on this Journey!

by Beatrice Inim

Emi and Charles are such a cute pair. Their friendship started in a very unconventional way, with Charles always being all up in Emi’s Grill.. But guess what?? They are now man and wife..The Groom’s immense, and unwavering chase paid off after all..

Read their love story below;


A friend had told me some guy liked me. She sang his high praises so much but I wasn’t interested. When I actually met him, he instead asked me to vote for him at the forthcoming SUG elections.

I never paid him any mind for months even though he continuously tried to get my attention. He would come to my room everyday asking me to help make a choice on what he should wear to school. Most times he would cook such delicious meals and bring to my room.

One time I left school for home. He obviously went to my room, didn’t find me and thought to send a text message. For some unknown reason I got so angry. I called him and in that anger and frustration rained abuses on him. After my rant, he told me “I just wanted to say good morning”.
I felt so terrible afterwards and made up my mind to apologise whenever I returned to school. So a friendship began and today it has blossomed to something real and beautiful.

Groom story:


It was a bright sunny day in May 2006 at Donabal Hostel, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Sitting with friends outside the hostel I saw this cute lady walking towards the gate and I felt like I had just seen the most beautiful woman ever! I told my friends I really need to know that girl and I wouldn’t rest until I do. I went on to introduce myself to her, flaunting my masculine ego I said to her; “Hi, my name is GCE (Gerald Charles Egwuba as I was popularly called in school), have you heard of me”? Of cause she said no. Few days later we were in the hostel chatting when she told me she was hungry, I left to my lodge and prepared a meal of rice and stew and brought her some. She was amazed at my thoughtfulness and needless to say impressed. That was the start of a close friendship that blossomed into love. Since then, she has been my best friend, my partner, my confidant, my love. We’ve had our ups and downs but for us our relationship has always been a journey and not a destination.

Glad we made it here!

Aren’t they just so sweet…

Check out their real wedding photos below;

Bride @emi_abule & Groom

Photo/video: @gaffmultimedia
Makeup: @beautybytimi
Decoration: @decorbyqueenesther
Hand Fan: @camakabespokepieces
Bride’s & bridesmaids dress: @mosttalented_kate

Cake: @fluffydivacakes

Hotel:Ebiis Hotels, Yenagoa

Event centre: De gracious event CENTRE, Yenagoa

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