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What Should You Look for in a Wedding Videographer?

by WDN

When you want to select a videographer for your wedding, you must look into several factors when choosing the right one for the job. This video is something that will be the most important part of your life that you will treasure for the rest of your life. First, you must decide if you would hire a videographer for a particular ceremony of the wedding or the entire wedding? Also, another thing to decide is whether you want to give a cinematic feel to the video by combining videos of different days in a single video or do you wish to go along chronologically. So when looking out for a videographer you ensure that he/she will fulfill all your requirements in particular.

1. One most important place where you can get the best idea of what to look for in a wedding videographer is to look into previous wedding films in different social or video sites. This will help you do proper research that you will need to know what to expect from your own wedding video. Try to go outside your comfort zone and book an appointment if you have loved any of the videos you have watched but its maker does not live in your city/state. This may help you as he/she has any style, in particular, you like the most. He/She can hence work easily with you and get the video done as per your taste.

2. Meet the wedding videographers you wish to hire face-to-face. This will help both parties to understand each other better and build a good rapport. It will also help understand the videographer’s style and personality.

3. A wedding video takes around six to eight hours to shoot and if the videographer is a pro, he/she will bring along an assistant who will help manage the equipment and shoot schedule. The wedding videographer should have with the photographer.

4. Videography is something if not done well can give you a sense of failure. Therefore it is important for the wedding video maker is well organized, who takes time to roam around the wedding venue and gets to know about everything related to the event Check the online reviews and /or references of their previous clients. Check their work beforehand to check if/not they know their work well.

5. The quality of friendliness may seem superficial, it is highly likely to look into this trait in the videographer you will hire for your event. You must assign someone who cares about you and your important day in the same manner as you. This will make you least stressful and will capture the raw and real moments of the event with ease.

6. It is highly recommended by many videographers to add music to wedding films. This will not just help add on the emotions of the special day but will also make the video much personalized. Most of the wedding videos have a consistent trend of the bride and groom getting ready for the day followed by the big day and its ceremonies. Adding music during various events that happen along the way like the conversation between the bride and bridesmaids or groom and the best men, reception speeches, provides a better storyline to the wedding film.
While choosing a videographer do not forget to ask whether they have the audio equipment to capture the events of the wedding. It is never a bad idea to provide the contact of the Dj to your videographer, in that manner both can coordinate on the audio plug-in during the events of the ceremony.

7. A new trend that has come up in recent times is the TV-style documentary. As many recent wedding videographers are graduates in the fields of journalism or filmmaking, so, they do go into the very minute details and try their best to convey the story of the wedding with a cinematographer’s point of view. They also charge as they work between 30 to 60 hours behind the video editing to make it as artistic as by selecting the best scenes of the event and turn it into a memoir to cherish for a lifetime.

8. A crucial aim to fulfill before hiring a videographer for the task is to go through the contract thoroughly. This is because there are problems that arise here because of miscommunication between the parties, for instance when once booked, because of circumstances they are being canceled at the last moment and expect their full payment back. This is not possible as they usually need to use your payments to incur the loss they would face if they cannot cover the event. Henceforth it is obligatory to prepare and go through the contract before proceeding with the job so that both the videographer and the other parties know of their rights, thus avoiding any sorts of disagreements.

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