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Who Do You Think Is To Be Blamed In This Kind Of Situation? The teacher Or The Mother

by ayodeji

Hello, I need the opinion of objective and logical readers on this?

I was a Pre-K teacher a couple of years ago, actually my first job when I got to the US. I had this kid that was something else any time he saw his mom.

In short, he clung to her, stuck to her like his life depended on her. A few minutes after she manages to slip away, he calms down and settles in with the other kids, but believe me, if the mom comes to the school under any guise and he saw her again, this kid would go through the same process.

On this day, we had one of those programs that parents came to the class for. One would think this woman who knows her kid like the back of her hand would stay away but, she didn’t, and it was an ordeal we all went through that day.
At some point we suggested she should just take him along with her, which she refused to do, but she said, if he did not calm down, we should please call her and she would come take him!!!!
Yeah, “I don’t get that too.” Anyway, guess what I did, thinking I was the smartest being in the whole school, I LIED TO THE BOY, I told him that his mother only went to the bathroom and would be out to join him soon. Of course, like I said earlier, once he no longer sees her, he forgets her, drops all the tantrums and settles in.
I was proud of myself and thought I had preformed a miracle. So when mom got back after school to pick him up, she asked how we were able to calm him down, because she said she was just so sure we were going to have to call her back to pick him!!!!
I told her what I did. If I may add, proudly. Wahala!!! She went beet red and in a strange voice, a tone I had never heard from her, “…how dare you LIE TO MY SON?”
I would never forget that day. I tried to use my African sense to explain why I did what I did, she kept using her Oyinbo one to ask why I ever thought it was right, good and the honorable way to go, lying to a young boy!!!!!!
Her reasoning, I gave the son the impression she was just a few minutes away from him, which wasn’t true, because she has trained him to always believe in her, now that she was away for about two hours, I had broken his trust in her!!!
My people, it was not easy that day. At some point, the woman demanded that I be fired for lying to a 4-year old boy.
Which brings me to us. Most of us, who call black white, and white black.In very clear terms I ask, are we dishonest or diplomatic?Secondly, do you agree with the woman?

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