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Woman Divorces Man Just 3 Minutes After Marrying Him!

by WDN

There are many reasons for people to end their weddings on the day of their marriage. From fights regarding food choices to the gifts being given to people, couples tend to end their weddings for the dumbest reasons.

Here is one such case where a woman decided to call off her wedding after the couple was married for just 3 minutes.

The Couple Had Just Signed The Nuptials
The incident happened in Kuwait where the couple ended their marriage even before leaving the courthouse they got married in. They had just signed their marriage contract in front of a judge and then…

She Tripped
As the newlywed couple was walking out of the courthouse, the bride accidentally tripped! Instead of helping her up, the groom insulted his wife by calling her “stupid” for tripping.

Q8 News claims the woman became extremely angry and demanded the judge end their marriage immediately.

The judge agreed and served an annulment just three minutes after he originally married them.

The couple, who live in Kuwait, never even left the courthouse as husband and wife.

It’s believed to be the shortest marriage in the country’s history.

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