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Would You Propose to Your Man: Charly Boy’s Wife, Lady D, Advises Ladies not to Waste their Time

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Charly Boy and Lady D have been happily married for 37 years and recently, the couple celebrated the great milestone with the King & I inspired photo shoot. Lady D gives a rare interview with Punch, where she advises ladies to take the bull by horn rather than just ‘chill-axing’ and waiting for the man to make the first move. To her, sometimes roles need to be changed when it comes to dating and relationship. She revealed this method perfectly worked for her.

Read excerpt from her interview below where she shares secrets of her happy marriage.


Your husband, Charly Boy, has been showering you with affection in public recently. How did you bring that side of him out?

I think when your husband loves you and is determined to keep the relationship exciting and fresh, these qualities reflect sometimes openly.

Unlike other women, you took the bull by the horn and proposed to Charlie Boy. Why?

Why not? like you said, I took the bull by the horn.

Have you ever regretted the decision?

No, I’ll do it again. A woman doesn’t want to waste her time in a relationship that isn’t going anywhere.

How do you cope being married to an entertainer like your husband, knowing that he is quite spontaneous?

Yes, my husband is spontaneous and does act sometimes on impulse, but always remains steadfast and focused. One has to know when to separate the entertainment world from their private lives or there could be a head on collision.

You have been married for over three half decades. What do you do that keeps the passion burning?

Funny question! Being spontaneous of course!

You still look really sexy. How have you been able to maintain your sexy looks?

When I look at my mother in-law at 95years old, her skin still looks young. This is an inspiration for me and makes me realise that one needs to take care of one’s self. For me, diet and exercise are vital and now I’m training with an international fitness trainer to body-build. It’s a very strenuous sport and takes dedication and hard work to achieve one’s goal. I also love going to the spa as a reward. This keeps me looking my best and CB happy. What more can one ask for?


Do you both still go intimate after over 30 years of marriage?

Am not in the gym working this body for nothing, you do the maths.

How often is it and is it as exciting as when you first met or is it more like a routine?

Intimacy for me is a spiritual thing of the heart, it’s not just the physical act. When combined, it remains a great high.

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