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Would You Sell Your Breast Milk if Short of Cash? This Woman Did…And She is Making Some Cool Money

by WDN


You would be surprised that people are thinking outside the box to make ends means. This 26-year-old mum-of-4 was cash-strapped and she is planning to sell her breast milk to make Christmas fun and wonderful for her kids. Rebecca Hudson from Manchester is producing more milk than what her one-year old needs. Rebecca has 8 regular clients and in an interview with This Morning she revealed how she is making money by selling what she’s got…..excess breast milk.

Read her interview culled from Dailymail


“A cash-strapped mother-of-four has revealed that she is planning to fund Christmas by selling her breast milk. Rebecca Hudson, 26, from Manchester, appeared on This Morning and revealed that she has so far made £3,700. The entrepreneurial mother came up with the idea after realizing that she was producing more milk than her youngest child Milly, now one, needed..


The Manchester mother also admitted that some clients purchase the milk to use for ‘sexual purposes’. ‘What they do with the milk is up to them,’ she said. ‘I’m not going to discriminate. There’s no difference for anyone who wants to use the milk, from a bodybuilder to someone who wants to use it sexually.’ She also used her appearance on the ITV flagship show to hit out at those who say drinking breast milk is revolting, saying that drinking the substance is completely ‘natural


‘Some think drinking breast milk is disgusting,’ Ms Hudson explained. ‘That’s their problem. It’s natural and full of vitamins.’ She also revealed how much she makes from her unusual business. ‘For a 5oz bottle, I would make £12.50,’ she told a clearly impressed Philip Schofield. ‘So for a usual pop can, that would be £27.50. I’ve made over £3,000. The exact figure is around £3,700 or something.’
Ms Hudson isn’t the first person to make a profit from breast milk. Mommy Milk Creations was set up by mother-of-three Allicia Mogavero earlier this year and uses the substance to make jewelry”.

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