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Wow! This Hotel in A Bubble is The Perfect Thing You and Your Soul Partner Need on Your Next Vacation

by Beatrice Inim
If you are in search of a hotel that is literally on earth, then Hotel Bubble, Bali Indonesia, is your plug.
I say heaven on EARTH, because this hotel literally sits on plants and grasses, in a beautiful forest.
So, Put on your hat, because adventure and romance are calling! Together with your soulmate, at hotel bubble, you can find the hidden oasis at the end of the world, and all you will have to do, is follow the path full of romantic adventure.
Amazing! right?
This hotel is so unique, yet, magnificent. The bubbles are extremely realistic, and in it, you can Wake your inner instincts: Find the treasure of ancient spirits, explore nature, cook over the campfire and under the stars.
Hotel Bubble has various facilities for your recreational pleasure..The view of the ocean from the hotel room (more like bubble.lol) is so exquisite, the hotel is a few metres away from the beach, Surrounded by park landscapes. There is also Electricity, and Secure storage for luggage. Altogether, it is a safe and secure place for soul partners, viewing the amazing formation of the stars, from their king sized beds in their bubbles.
What better way to  Share awesome  experiences with your soulmate.
You can also order a  bonfire which will create a cozy halo of light and warmth against the cool night, while having warm meals, which fill you with energy after wild and crazy adventures.
So..what are you waiting for?
Book that trip with the love of your life at hotel bubble, today!
See Photos;
Photos via @hotelbubblebali
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