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Yoruba Traditional Marriage! The Attires and The Accessories

by Funmi Attah

Marriage is an essential institution in the Yoruba culture and history.  Yoruba tribe is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria.  Their wedding ceremony is always a colorful and regal one.

The Yoruba traditional marriage ceremony even though a serious affair, is full of life, rich music, graceful colors and sumptuous meals.
Yoruba Wedding is also an avenue for the couple to show off their best outfits, jewelry/accessories and even dancing styles.

The bride’s outfit or attire is a reflection of her personality. She might choose aso-oke, lace, Nigerian wax fabric, or any fabric that appeals to her. The outfit consists of gele (head tie), the buba (top), and an Iro (material wrapped around her waist).

The colors she chooses reflects the color theme her family has chosen but should also complement the groom’s outfit. She can wear accessories like gold chains, beads, bangles, gold earrings, and shoes to match.

The groom could decide to wear an Agbada, which is a two-layered piece of material of heavy dimensions like the aso-oke. It might be cotton and damask or he might wear lace . The color combination should complement the bride’s and reflect the color his family has chosen.

See below some Yoruba couple looking all shades of stunning and be inspired.
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