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Home Engagement Session You Are Mine: Temi & Gbolahan’s Splendid Engagement Session + Beautiful Love Story

You Are Mine: Temi & Gbolahan’s Splendid Engagement Session + Beautiful Love Story

by WDN

The power of Blackberry has got something to do with Temitope and Gbolahan’s amazing love story. When a mutual friend literally changed her BB display picture to Temitope’s photo, Gbolahan was eager to know who the pretty damsel was. He immediately contacted his friend to know more about Temi but it wasn’t all that easy getting the details.


Temi wasn’t ready for any relationship at that moment but due to Gbolahan’s persistence attitude, they became close friends.

For the surprise proposal, Gbolahan whisked Temi to Dubai for a special and quite intimate marriage proposal.

We absolutely enjoyed their beautiful love story and their colorful engagement session photos….Hope you will as well!


The Divine Meeting


Gbolahan and I met a couple of years ago through a mutual friend who displayed a picture of me on her blackberry, since then Gbolahan had been on her neck for my bb pin. He never stopped bugging my friend until she pleaded with me to accept his bb request, I reluctantly did after three days as I wasn’t ready to be friends with anybody at that time let alone being in a relationship. The journey began, though I paid little or no attention to his kind gestures because he had earlier told me he lived far away in the UK and had only come home at that time to get some things done, so the thought of dating Gbolahan never crossed my mind, I just wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship. Overtime, Gbolahan and I got really close and after he returned to the Uk, we chatted more on bbm and skyped half the time, I found myself telling him just about anything. We bonded so well but I was quick to warn him never to talk about being in a relationship with me!!!!!!!!!!! of course that fell on deaf ears.
He was and still is my best friend and greatest confidant. In Dec 2012, Gbolahan flew down to Lagos a day to his birthday and invited me to lunch, apparently he had specially booked a table for two and right there, he officially asked me to date him!!!!!!!!!! typical of every babe, I sure played the ‘hard to get’ game but Gbolahan remained consistent and was ready to give an arm just to have me.

The rest, they say is history.




Sometime in 2011, while minding my business on BBM few updates flashed on my screen among the updates was a particular profile that caught my attention and this increased my curiosity. In the quest to satisfy my curiosity, I selected the profile picture and there was this pretty girl called “temmy” staring at me, she was good looking and I fell in love with her style of dressing. After assessing the picture, I felt I needed to say “Hi” to my old friend at least to know the sweet girl on her DP.
Eventually after the greetings, I jokingly asked “who is she”, and she was like hmmmm…..do you like her, and from that day my old friend and I became closer again. As times went on, I kept on pestering my friend to share Temitope’s contact details and she gave me Temitope’s BBM pin.


We began to chat on BBM, at first, oh did I say at first….for a very long long time, Temitope will not give any attention, some time she will not reply my BBM Messages for days, she was always ignoring me. Whenever this happens, I normally console myself with the word “what will be will and what is yours will always be yours” but later I had to delete her pin from my BBM because there was no point in her contact being on my phone if we don’t chat. I later added her back on BBM because I couldn’t get over Temitope and we began to chat bit by bit and that was where the journey began for me. Few months later, myself and Temitope got talking and I asked her out for a date in order to meet in person. She turned me round well, and later she invited me over to meet her somewhere in Magodo After meeting Temitope in person, I drove home a happy man, and then I shared the story about this pretty babe I met with cousins and friends. Long and short of the story, one day while talking to Temitope, I asked her to be my girlfriend and she bluntly said NO, so I thought it’s better I forget about Tope and try elsewhere….Lol


As time went on, our friendship took a different turn and we became very close. We talk about anything, we find every other means to keep in touch no matter the distance. In Dec 2012, I planned coming home for holidays but one reason that got me excited about returning to Nigeria was Temitope. My birthday was round the corner, and the only person I wanted to spend that day with was Temitope. So, I booked a nice table for two at a restaurant, drove down to Temitope’s house to pick my ‘sunshine’ for a date. My Sunshine was the name I used to call her that time, because I had this funny conviction she was my wife. When we were at the restaurant, I went back to our relationship talk and asked her to be my girlfriend again, after days and days we began this beautiful journey. From close friends we now became lovers…and from that day onwards, I wanted to be the man that makes her smile, the last man standing with her and the love of her life. Temitope, Mary, Afolashade, Jikiemi you are a very rare gem, I thank GOD for giving you to me, from the very first day I met you, I knew there was more to us. I became your best fan, and since you have come into my life you have made me better person. Sweetheart, l loved you yesterday love you today and will forever love you Arikeade mi.



The Romantic Proposal


In May 2013, my sweetheart planned for us to meet in Dubai, it was indeed the most amazing vacation I ever had. I had no clue he had something up his sleeve. As usual, we were getting ready to go have fun at night and I was busy with my ‘facebeat’. Gbolahan came close to me with some ice-cream in his mouth and insisted that we kiss,I warned him not to smear my makeup, Gbolahan being the naughty guy he is, he made sure he put some of the ice cream in my mouth. When we eventually kissed, I felt something that tasted like an iron and for some seconds I tried to figure out what it could be. Thank goodness I didn’t swallow it while trying to remove the ring from my mouth!!!!!!! OMG!!!!! It was a beautiful ring. I could not stop screaming because proposal was the least I expected. By the time I looked round, Gbolahan was down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, of course I said YES!! But at first I felt it was a dream, so I ran to the toilet and locked myself in there for few minutes because I was shocked. While I was in the toilet, I was busy staring at my beautiful ring while Gbolahan was at the door asking “babe are you okay” then after few minutes I came out, ran into Gbolahan’s arms and said YES I will marry you.


Eventually we ended up not going anywhere that night, instead we stayed in door all through the night. I thank God for bringing a man like Gbolahan my way, he puts God first and he is the most amazing guy ever.
Our meeting was orchestrated by God and I will choose Gbolahan as my partner even in my next world.

I love you till eternity Omogbolahanmi, Olowo ori mi



























WDN wishes the lovely couple beautiful marital bliss together forever…….

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Jojo November 27, 2014 - 6:22 pm

Whaoh! Awesome!

praiseDaniel November 28, 2014 - 2:11 pm

I luv dis couple n deir luv story, wish dem HML

Jummie November 28, 2014 - 5:54 pm

Dear lord satisfy my heart wit good moments like this,give me the patient 2 always w8 4 u….love is so beautiful,I love love….

yeahmec November 29, 2014 - 9:39 am

OMG!!! This is so beautiful!

Lola November 29, 2014 - 12:19 pm

lol. Only if this was the true story. Do a background check on that guy babes.

victoria December 1, 2014 - 1:02 am

This is awesome …love is a beautiful thing ..wishing you guys a wonderful marriage

Grace Chinenye December 2, 2014 - 5:29 am

Wow! Dis is awesome…true love 4rm above. Wish dem HML

adeyemi bukola February 3, 2015 - 1:17 pm

Wonderful couple wish dem Hml

rosy ibeakanma February 3, 2015 - 4:46 pm

OMG I wish u guys a HML……..just praying to God to give me my heart desire…….. just like this

idayat Adu February 3, 2015 - 5:14 pm

Its quite romantic. I luv them

OLAJUMOKE February 4, 2015 - 1:05 pm

Honestly,i love this couple concept….i wish them more blessings from above!and pray for my right parner too IJN

Stella April 14, 2015 - 9:40 pm

Lovely wish them HML


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