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You Will Always Be My Endless Love: Mimo and Koye’s Romantic + Vintage Engagement Session

by WDN

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Mimo and Koye met in church! Would you say it was predestined? Koye wanted to get Mimo’s attention and be friends with her and he played his love game smartly. Mimi and Koye had a special and unforgettable date. Koye knew right there that he has found his soulmate. “I just found my wife…beautiful both inside and outside, a smart and strong woman. Precious, since we met you have made me a better person and I know for sure you are a better person too. This is what makes us unique…..we are both ready to learn and listen to each other and work on our weaknesses. I can’t wait to start this awesome journey with you and I am blessed to have met you. LET’S DO THIS SWEETIE!!!”, says excited Koye

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Koye planned an epic and magical proposal for Mimo in the Air. Mimo couldn’t believe her eyes when Koye asked her to be his wife…of course she said Yes. Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as she happily accepted his surprise proposal.

The lovebirds are happy to share their love story with us couple with their awesome vintage-inspired pre-wedding shoot.

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How We Met


It all began at CGIM’s 2012 annual church anniversary. Koye & Mimo were sitting within a group of youth members. Anniversary is usually extensive due to all the activities that occur on that day. Around 4pm jokingly, Mimo and her friends suggested they order Chinese food & have it delivered to church because they were so hungry (church was still in session and it started at 11am) lol. When Koye heard, he turned around and asked them to please add his order, Mimo and her friends all started cracking up because they had no idea he was listening. Shortly after, Koye stepped out of service and returned with his mouth stuffed. So of course Mimo said something. Mimo asked him “I know you didn’t go out to get a snack and didn’t bring any back for us??” Koye giggled and was unable to respond because his mouth was stuffed. Later that evening Koye sent Mimo a message on facebook and the two love birds exchanged messages all through the night. This is where their journey began.

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The Unforgettable Proposal

I really believe I experienced the BEST proposal ever!!! My now fiancé informed me that his cousin, Ayo, will be visiting from out of town. He expressed that he wanted to do something really different to show his cousin a great time. So he booked a helicopter tour flying over the Hudson in NYC. I really didn’t think anything of it because Koye always took me on dates out of the ordinary. Everybody was in on this proposal including my friends and family. To make a long story short, Koye knows that I am very attached to my sisters, so he already knew since his cousin was coming that I would invite my sister Wonu. So I invited Wonu to join us. In the middle of the helicopter ride at SUNSET Koye proposed. I was in total shock the rest of the ride. When we landed and it finally hit me, I began to cry, joyful tears of course. When we returned home Koye asked me to get dressed and informed me that he made reservations at an upscale restaurant to celebrate. I immediately asked what about Wonu and Ayo, I said we can’t leave them home. Koye picked up the phone and dialed a fake number to update his fake reservation lol. When we arrived at the restaurant we were led into a private back room, where my closest friends and family yelled surprise at my entrance. My lovely fiancé ended the beautiful night with a surprise engagement party. Ololufe mi (My Love) I’m so happy to be spending the rest of my life with you and I love you more than you can imagine!!!

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