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Your Feminine Body……….Must Read

by Lola Onabowale


Amara Van-Lare is back with her frequent dose of advice. In this article, she talks about keeping your body clean as a woman; what you must do to be attractive to your man and loads more.

We think it is highly educative…Happy reading!

I have received so many complaints from men who are disturbed by the inability of their women to take care of their bodies. This morning, as I talked with a very good friend of mine, she same up with this same disturbing issue about fellow women. It’s sad to know that a good number of mothers don’t know what body care is and so you can only imagine what their daughters would grow up to be. When your mother is among those ignorant ones, you can only help yourself by taking a decision to educate yourself. Don’t get me wrong; being educated has nothing to do with this, in fact, it’s even the uneducated rural women who know better what it means to keep their feminine body clean using free gifts of nature.

I have heard stories about women who go to bed without having a bath; these women come up with the excuse that they didn’t sweat and were just inside a very well air-conditioned room the whole day. I have also watched interviews of some celebrities who when asked about one thing they must never fail to do before bedtime, always say that they must clean their face. I keep wondering; what about their feminine body? Does it mean they can go to bed without washing their feminine body parts? Sweat or no sweat, your body naturally releases salt and oil. And I can’t imagine a woman not having her bath twice daily.

Some also sum up with this idea of not using wash in their private part. According to these people, water is enough to do it. Some even went further to show me where it’s written and all I say is, not everything you read online or in books are practical in real life. Those who researched and started the manufacturing of feminine washes have their reason. Some even suggest you don’t dip your finger inside to wash; I wonder where that comes from. When you don’t wash deep inside your vagina, the odour that will be oozing out during sex can only be imagined and that’s one of the reasons your husband is losing interest in sex. But he could be enjoying it if he’s one of those men who like it rotten (so I heard).

If after having sex with you, the room stinks, you have a problem and it simply shows that your hygiene level is very low. If your husband cannot bring his hand close to his face just because he decided to use his finger on you, you need to do something about it please.

What is the solution?

1. Avoid too much of spicy and fried foods

2. Eating natural yoghurt helps your vaginal health

3. Do away with those tights and girdles you wear on daily basis, work hard to firm up and only wear body-shapers when it’s absolutely unavoidable.

4. Avoid douching; it irritates and dries up your body in the long run

5. Using antiseptic liquids could be one of the causes of the itch you always experience

6. Go for good, unscented feminine washes like Sebamed, Beauty Formula, Vagisil, Summers Eve, Lactacid, FemFresh, they are readily available from your local stores. That the soap smells so good doesn’t make it good for your vaginal area, whatever you use on and in your vaginal area is better unscented.

7. Every woman should have the habit of using wet wipes instead of toilet tissue and if you can’t afford it, use water after tissue to keep fresh and clean. When I say wet wipes, you must not buy feminine wet wipes, your baby wipes are as good. If you can, avoid the use of public toilets and if you must use them, always have your antiseptic wipes in your bag.

8. Encourage your husband to always raise the toilet seat before and wipe after urinating. Make sure the WC is clean and flushed before you sit on it.

9. You can never underestimate the importance of vitamins in the life of a woman. Build your immune system.

10. Avoid using deodorant and body mist on your vaginal area.

11. Never forget your Kegel exercise.

And for those ladies who don’t pay attention to the skin under their breasts, please do something about it and also don’t forget that your bra needs to be washed. Exfoliate at least once weekly. You must not spend money to exfoliate your body. You can use salt, sugar, honey, mayonnaise, and ginger for your exfoliation. Don’t forget to keep the hair on your vaginal area off or well trimmed (go for what your man wants). There are very sexy Brazilian ways of keeping hairs off the sides and having a little well trimmed in the middle. Also pay attention to the hairs on your body, the body of a woman should look and feel different from that of a man and keeping hairs off is a very good step towards having your skin supple. Bleaching creams and those chemicals you use can only leave you in regrets in the long run. When you see those women who bleach, don’t envy them until you see their skin without makeup.

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