Your Ultimate Guide When Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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Your wedding cake is like the exclamation point on the reception and it should be a total reflection of your style and taste. Therefore, when choosing your perfect cake, consider your theme: colors, patterns, flowers, fabrics and textures. Try to be unique, as a bespoke design can be as individual as you. Using fresh flowers to match your bouquet are the perfect way to ‘top’ it off, but edible jewels or fresh fruits are also great alternatives to try.
We’ve got some things you could consider when choosing your wedding cake:


The Right Shape
The most popular shape for wedding cakes is round, but introducing other shapes such as square or hexagonal will give an extra twist to the traditional option. Think about the decoration and how you want your cake to be served. Individual cakes are also a unique way to serve your guest; these are often accompanied by a top tier so you can still have the pleasure of cutting the cake together. You could opt for a mountain of cupcakes, a skyscraper of tiers or even a contemporary creation for your guests delight.

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The Right Taste
Always sample the cake. This can be supplied to take home and enjoy with friends and family- they can also help you decide which to choose. Confirm the number of tiers only when your RSVPs are returned and try to cater for your entire guests.

Combining different flavors for each tier is also a great way to make your cake more individual. Popular choices include the finest Belgian chocolate, carrot, lemon, vanilla and the traditional fruit cake. You could even add a liqueur for that extra kick.

Think Of Your Guests
It’s always nice to think of those with special dietary requirements and there are a range of different recipes to use including gluten free, egg free, diary free and cakes suitable for vegan. Considering your guest is just a way of letting them know how important they are to you.
Make sure you get the flavor and design you want for your day.

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Your wedding cake may just be the most significant confection you ever buy, so it’s key to know what you’re getting into. A good place to start is to start searching through wedding cake pictures to help figure out which wedding cake designs suit your style and don’t forget the tasting aspect too. From classic cakes to more ornate styles, we have something for every taste – literally!

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